Preview Etnografica/Preview Tribal Art

Onderdeel van de Algemene Kunst- en Antiekveiling is een grote privé verzameling Etnografica. Hieronder een selectie.

A selection of Tribal art offered in our General Art and Antique Sale

Bij Veilinggebouw de Zwaan wordt in het voorjaar een selectie Afrikaanse en Oceanische kunst aangeboden
waaronder een uitzonderlijke Nederlandse prive verzameling.
In deze verzameling zitten enkele Afrikaanse objecten, zoals o.a. twee Hemba voorouderfiguren,
een compleet eind 19e eeuwse Kuba pwoom itok masker met veren en opgestikt houten horen,
een expressief Lega lukwakongo masker met raffia baard en een sterk Dan miniatuur masker met ingeslagen metalen tanden.
Hiernaast heeft deze verzamelaar een zeer grote collectie goudgewichten van de Ashanti verzameld (ca. 2000 stuks) welke ook in dezelfde veiling aangeboden zal worden.
Uit Indonesie bevat de verzameling onder andere  een fraai Batak stenen vrouwelijk graffiguur, ‘pangulubalang’
een stenen ruiter op singha, een fraaie gezeten houten Benauq Dayak hampatong van een chef, een patung polisi en nog vier verschillende hampatongs en andere Dayak objecten, alle verzameld op een reis door Borneo in 1974. En een zeer fraai Papua Nieuw Guinea, Maprik, houten figuur, Ex. coll. Jef Vanderstraete, Lasne, Belgie en ex lot 72, Christie’s Amsterdam 2 juli 2002. Tevens twee Wogamush schilden en een schild uit het Avril Rivier gebied, ex. coll. Serge Brignoni.

Auctionhouse de Zwaan is offering a interesting selection of Tribal Art in our March sale including a outstanding Dutch private collection of which a selection of African art is included in the upper photograph.

Also included is a large collection of African goldweights ca. 2000 pieces which will be included in the same sale.

10.00-17.00 HOURS AND THURSDAY THE 14TH ALSO 19.00-21.00 HOURS.

Collection of Akan goldweights

Part of the private collection of Tribal art to be offered in this March sale is the collection of Akan goldweights, from which a selection can be viewed in these preview pictures. It comprises of over 1500 pieces that will be offered divided over 100 lots.
For the larger part is consists of figurative weights as: animals, natural casts, implements, weapons,shields, figures, pendants, knots, etc.

As in every collection of Akan goldweights there is a selection of over 450 abstract weights, gold dust boxes and spoons.
The full catalogue with pictures will be on view on Friday the 1st of March.

A collection of Dayak sculptures

A collection of Dayak sculptures
The present collection of Dayak objects were all brought together by a collector from The Hague in the 1970s. In 1973 he first assembled a collection of 10 hampatongs originating from Central-Kalimantan. In a letter of December 1973 to an auction house in Amsterdam he wrote that he wanted to submit some three or four of these Dayak statues coming from the hinterland of Banjermasin. Most probably, though no geographical data concerning place and or people are given, the statues were collected in the Ngaju and Ot Danum areas.

The remaining 7 hampatongs from this area will be offered in this sale together with several lots of smaller rice field figures, amulets, shaman amulets and two mandau’s collected in a field trip from October 31 until December 24, 1973 an expedition into West Kalimantan, along the river Landak most objects were gathered, the area of the Land Dayak.


Shield on left side:
PNG, Wogamush, stone carved curved shield with black earthly patina.
Bought in 1971 in The Hague from a Indonesian woman that had lived in the area.
H. 174 cm. Valuation 1.000-1.500 Euro.

Middle shield:
PNG, April River, shield. With label on backside: 'April-Mai Fluss'.
Provenance Serge Brignoni, Bern. Christie's Amsterdam, 11 Dec. 2011, lot number 194.
H. 169 cm. Valuation 3.000-4.000 Euro.

Shield on the right side:
PNG, Wogamush, wooden shield. Bought at Tribal auction Sothebys New York of unknown date.
H. 171,5 cm. Valuation 1.000-1.500 Euro.


Batak stone female figure

Batak stone female figure
This truly monumental stone effigy of a kneeled female figure has a weathered surface, a sign of great age. From older photographs we know that these female figures were in once one of a pair together with a male equestrian figure; they covered large stone urns holding the ancestors' bone remains or may be commissioned to honour a 'deified' person from the distant past to enhance the prestige of a local prominent family. As for funerary purposes these effigies commemorated high ranking wives.

In the present sculpture an elder female has been immortalized, small pendent breasts indicate her age. In erect position with breastbone and spine indicated, the head with a rigid expression, she is watchful. Her hands rest at ease on her thighs. According to tradition she is rendered naked and in this case wearing two ornaments, the golang-golang bracelet and a seemingly zig-zag shaped necklace. Behind the topknot a small flat tail is visible, a rarely encountered feature in Batak statuary. A Toba origin southwest of Lake Toba is a possibility.

Most of these Batak sculptures came to the west without documentation concerning place of origin or the purpose for which they were actually made. Since most Batak communities turned to the Christian and Islamic faith before and after WW2, they abandoned the old indigenous ways of believing and with this change the perception of these sculptures gradually disappeared within two or three generations. Thanks to early photographic reports of missionaries and colonial officials, but also later by travellers and researchers some of these sculptures were recorded. Maybe one day a photograph from archival records will turn up depicting this specific female figure in its original surrounding.

H. 103 cm. Valuation 8.000-12.000 Euro.


Batak, stone rider on Singa

Batak, stone rider on Singa. With restaurations.
h. 90 cm. Valuation 1.000-2.000 Euro.

Abelam, wooden figure

Abelam, wooden figure. Front and backside
Hight 137 cm. Valuation 8.000-12.000 Euro.

Provenance: Jef Vanderstraete, Lasne België before 1967,
Freddy Rolin before 1979, Christie’s Amsterdam 2 juli 2002.
Publiced: Art Africain et Océanien (Les collections J. et R. Vanderstraete),
Musée d’Ixelles 1967.
African Arts Vol XIII, 1, p. 7. C. Falgayrettes-Leveau e.a. 2001, Lam Métis, Paris: Dapper. Exhibeted: Muséé d’Ixelles 1967 and Musée Dapper 26-9-2001 - 20-1-2002.



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