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Tribale kunst (Afrika)
Tribal Art (Africa)

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Tribale kunst (Afrika)

catalogusnummer: 3540
Sierra Leone, Mende, helmet mask, sowei.
hair dress in four bulbous braids, two conical tops and geometrical lines on the back and sides. The face carved with scarification's above two broad rings. With black patina. Sowei masks are worn by senior members of the all-female Sande Society during rite-of-passage ceremonies that signify a girl’s transition to adulthood. They are carved expressions of local ideals of feminine beauty, health and serenity that vary widely in their detail.
h. 33 cm.
taxatie: € 600 - 1000  

catalogusnummer: 3540A
DRC., Salampasu, face mask, kasangu
with bulging forehead, rectangular cut eyes, broad nose and open mouth with carved teeth. With rattan hair bolls, feathers and a pair of balls hanging from chin on plant fiber thread.
h. 28 cm. Mask.
taxatie: € 2000 - 3000  

catalogusnummer: 3541
Dogon, wooden granery door
of two panels with horizontal geometrical design, joined by iron pegs
w. 37 cm.
taxatie: € 200 - 300  

catalogusnummer: 3541P
Dogon, wooden granery door
of two panels with black encrusted patina and a wooden lock.
taxatie: € 400 - 600  

catalogusnummer: 3542
Ghana, terracotta seated female figure;
bought from Henk Kouw, 1970's. (one leg broken)
h. 42 cm.
taxatie: € 200 - 400  

catalogusnummer: 3543
DRC., Zombo, seated maternite,
painted with red, blue and white. Provenance G. Dannenberg, New York and collectie Leclair, Belgium.
h. 48 cm.
taxatie: € 800 - 1200  

catalogusnummer: 3544
DRC., Pende, mask, mbuya,
painted in black, with raffia hairdress. Ex collection Naprstek Museum, Praag, Will Hoogstraate, Gallery D'Eendt, Amsterdam and private collection Amsterdam.
h. 22 cm.
taxatie: € 400 - 600  

catalogusnummer: 3545
Mali, Dogon, face mask, satimbe
with three projecting narrow ridges below two pierced holes. Surmounted by a seated anthropomorphic figure on top of half stool. With black patina.
h. 92 cm.
taxatie: € 600 - 1000  

catalogusnummer: 3546
DRC., Kuba, helmet mask,
with painted accents in red, black and yellow.
h. 37 cm.
taxatie: € 500 - 800  

catalogusnummer: 3547
DRC., Pende, ivory pendant, ikhoko,
with carved hair style of three towering plaits with engraving and two holes, the face with slanting eyes and finely carved nose and mouth. With small engraved lines on forehead and cheeks. Ex coll. Will Hoogstraate, Gallery D'Eendt, Amsterdam.
h. 6 cm.
taxatie: € 1500 - 2000  

catalogusnummer: 3548
Cameroon, Grassland, helmet mask,
with bulging headdress, painted with red and black, a carved cowry shaped band and expressive facial features. Provenance Philip Goldman, London.
h. 44 cm.
taxatie: € 600 - 800  

catalogusnummer: 3549
DRC., Lega, mask, idimu,
oval shaped mask with carved rhombic shape on high forehead, long narrow nose, oval shaped eyes, two pierced nostrils and a rare double open carved mouth. With remains of pigment and kaolin. Decorated with circular indentations. Provenance Belgian colonial military officer.
h. 24,5 cm.
taxatie: € 6000 - 8000  

catalogusnummer: 3550
Ivory Coast, Dan, ceremonial wooden spoon, wakemia,
standing on a pair of anthropomorphic legs, the back of the spoon incised with a geometrical pattern. Ex Sotheby's Amsterdam, Noortman Collection, 17-18 dec. 2007, ex lot 308.
h. 57 cm.
taxatie: € 800 - 1200  

catalogusnummer: 3551
Nigeria, Yoruba, Shango dance wand,
with zoomorphic carving in high relief a snake with a tortoise in its mouth, the other side with a bird with a snake in its beak. The shaft with open carved knot and on top the thunder-lightning shaped form. It is carried as a staff or dance wand by Shango followers during special public worship activities. The staff represents the deity’s violent and unpredictable power that is personified through dance
h. 45,5 cm.
taxatie: € 500 - 1000  

catalogusnummer: 3552
DRC., Ituri, face mask,
with remains op painted spots.
h. 24 cm.
taxatie: € 400 - 600  

catalogusnummer: 3553
Ivory Coast, Senufo, standing female figure
painted in black.
h. 18 cm.
taxatie: € 300 - 400  

catalogusnummer: 3554
Bisi Fakeye (1942), two carved standing Yoruba figures
one playing a flute, the other holding shaker and a staff. Both signed underneath 'Bisi Fakeye'. Bought directly by the previous owner from the artist by Robert ter Meer, Amsterdam.
h. 40 and 3,5 cm.
taxatie: € 300 - 500  

catalogusnummer: 3555
Nigeria, Yoruba, Ijebu, pair Ibeji, male and female.
And hereby another pair Ibeji.
h. 24, 25 and 23,5 cm.
taxatie: € 300 - 500  

catalogusnummer: 3556
Nigeria, Yoruba, Igbomina, two male twin figures, Ibeji

h. 27 cm.
taxatie: € 500 - 700  

catalogusnummer: 3557
Nigeria, Yoruba, Oyo, three male twin figures, Ibeji

h. 29 cm.
taxatie: € 600 - 800  

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