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Tribale kunst (Afrika)
Tribal Art (Africa)

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Tribale kunst (Afrika)

catalogusnummer: 3400
DRC., possibly Ugangi area, wooden face mask.
with faceted cheeks, asymmetrical cut out eyes, nose in form of hole, broad mouth with filed teeth and pointed chin. With two rows of paint and ten holes for attachment. With kaolin and dark-brown pigments.
h. 28 cm.
taxatie: € 500 - 800  

catalogusnummer: 3402
Zimbabwe, Makonde, ceremonial axe,
decorated with finely carved face with rows of scarification's. Above a carved cylinder with rows of zigzag carving. The curved blade with engraving.
h. 65 cm.
taxatie: € 800 - 1200  

catalogusnummer: 3405
Nigeria, Mama, old antelope mask, mangam,
with broad upright hors, large protruding the face with ridge and carved angles on the side. With red paint and offering. (one chip
h. 54 cm.
taxatie: € 600 - 1000  

catalogusnummer: 3412
DRC., Kusu, three half figures,
the smallest with free carved arms and tapering body, the other two with column torso. All with offering patina and hole in head.
h. 7, 12 and 15 cm.
taxatie: € 300 - 500  

catalogusnummer: 3414
Kwese, wooden face mask
the face in hart shape and divided in green and purple painted sides, with raffia heardress and woven textile hanging.
h. 18 cm.
taxatie: € 500 - 700  

catalogusnummer: 3415
Ivory Coast, Dan Kran, mask with large beak, biale ge,
carved from one piece of wood with protruding bird beak with attached monkey skin with black hair, the face with red dyed cotton and round aluminium eyes. The sides carved with three double lining. With black patina. These masks were danced with during the boys circumcision ceremonies, Gegon.
h. 27 cm.
taxatie: € 800 - 1200  

catalogusnummer: 3416
Ivory Coast, Senufo, small male spirit figure, tugubele,
carved with armbands and pendant, stylized helmet shaped heardress. With black patina.
h. 13,5 cm.
taxatie: € 200 - 400  

catalogusnummer: 3418
Ghana, Akan, carved wooden staff end,
in the form of two seated man, one with a hand in a pot standing on table between them. The other man with one hand on the chin. Decorated with gold foil. It is a top of a linguist staff depicting a specific unknown proverb.
h. 37 cm.
taxatie: € 300 - 400  

catalogusnummer: 3422
DRC., Lega, ivory figure,
with hart-shaped elongated face, faceted cone shape eyes and long nose, with short asymmetrically placed arms, small breasts and bent legs. With yellow-brown patina. Provenance, Monbrison Paris, with document.
h. 14 cm.
taxatie: € 2000 - 3000  

catalogusnummer: 3424
Baule, standing female figure,
her body scarification's accentuated in black, her hair in division of four portions with accents in black, leg bracelets and standing on a round chair (with weathered base). Provenance, Gallery Kephrie van Rijn, Amsterdam and Bodes and Bode, The Hague, ca. 1960.
h. 40 cm.
taxatie: € 800 - 1000  

catalogusnummer: 3425
DRC., Salampasu, initiation mask, mukinka,
broad facemask with protruding forehead, small tubular ears, large triangular shaped eyes and nose, wide mouth with triangular carved wooden teeth. With rotan balls, raffia binding and three fringes with rotan balls. The mask covered in broad thin copper plating attached with wooden pegs. With yellow earth pigments.
h. 30 cm.
taxatie: € 600 - 1000  

catalogusnummer: 3426
DRC., Lega, lukwakongo mask,
oval mask with broad and curved mouth, kauri shaped eyes, remnants of kaolin and a raffia beard.
h 12 cm.
taxatie: € 400 - 600  

catalogusnummer: 3428
DRC., Songhe-Tetela, half figure,
the face with pointed chin, broad mouth, oval eyes and hair carved in thick strands. Horn on top and plant fibers tassels inserted in the face, neck and shoulder. With long neck, blue glass beads, angular carved arms and hands. With fat belly, textile on the base and metal bell attached to one arm. With brown patina and layers of offering.
h. 60 cm.
taxatie: € 1000 - 1500  

catalogusnummer: 3429
DRC., Luba, double figure, kakuji,
column figure with from two figures, the joined head with opening for magical substance and a metal pin, the figure with black patina.
h. 18 cm.
taxatie: € 400 - 600  

catalogusnummer: 3430
Nigeria, Mama, antelope mask
with cylindrical upright horns, broad flat protruding mouth, edged head with carved lines and tubular eyes. With black-grey patina and remnants of red pigments. With weathered side.
h. 60 cm.
taxatie: € 300 - 500  

catalogusnummer: 3431
Ivory Coast, Dan, face mask
with circular open eyes, flat nose and open mouth with protruding lips. With black patina.
h. 22 cm.
taxatie: € 500 - 800  

catalogusnummer: 3432
DRC., Yaka (?), wooden pipe
with finely carved reptile figure on top and a copper mouth piece.
L. 10 cm.
taxatie: € 200 - 300  

catalogusnummer: 3434
Burkina Faso, Nunuma, antelope mask
with bulging eyes, bent horns, tapering ears, and triangular tubular mouth. Decorated with line- and triangular carving and painted in black, white and red pigments. With a rope mount piece. Provenance, Mathias Lemaire, bought in the 1970's and ex collection of Jan Wolkers (1925-2007), famous Dutch writer, artist and Tribal Art collector.
h. 50 cm.
taxatie: € 400 - 600  

catalogusnummer: 3437
Nigeria, Yoruba, Igbomina, two male twin figures, Ibeji;
on with beaded strings, the other with one brass- and two cotton strings. Both with encrusted patina.
h. 25 and 26 cm.
taxatie: € 400 - 600  

catalogusnummer: 3438
Cameroon, Fali, double doll, ham pilu
figure with two heads, fully covered in stings of beads, leather pouches, kauri shells and coins.
h. 24 cm.
taxatie: € 400 - 600  

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