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Tribale kunst (Indonesië en Oceanië)
Tribal Art (Indonesia and Oceanic)

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Archeologie en Pre Colombiaans
Tribale kunst (Indonesië en Oceanië)

catalogusnummer: 3300
Central Borneo, Kenyah Dayak, bark cloth beadwork panel for baby carrier
decorated in the form of three sitting protective spirits. With nassa shells, seeds and the figures decorated with a few strings of colloured beads. In a frame. Provenance old private Belgium collection and collection Haarlem, Holland. Ref. see Sellato 'Hornbill and Dragon-Arts and Culture of Borneo, image 244. This example has three seated figures which is quite rare, usually there are only two.
40 x 30 cm.
taxatie: € 800 - 1200  

catalogusnummer: 3301
Sumatra, Minankabau, Payakumbu District, a pair of golden bracelets, ca. 1900,
The bracelet in three facets with fine meandering and floral patterns inlayed with rubies and glass stones. Made form two gold sheats with a tamarind filling and at the end a tapering ridge. This very fine gold bracelet is from the matrilineal Minangkabau people of West Sumatra. Being matrilineal whereby inheritance and wealth passed from daughter to daughter, by-passing sons, meant that gold jewellery, as a convenient and portable store of wealth, took on even more importance than being merely decorative. German Private Collection. Ref. A.J. Summerfield, Walk in Splendor, UCLA Fowler Museum, 1999, p. 274 and A. Richter, The Jewelry of Southeast-Asia, London 2000, p. 197 nr. 211.
diam. 10 and 9,5 cm. Weight 197 and 182 grams.
taxatie: € 1500 - 2500  

catalogusnummer: 3302
Sumatra, Batak, wooden chief staff, 19th century,
pointy wooden staff with top decorated with inlaid tin geometrical pattern and letters F and b. Ex collection Loed van Bussel, Amsterdam.
h. 46,5 cm.
taxatie: € 300 - 400  

catalogusnummer: 3303
Oceania, carved stone half figure;
with in low relief arms against body, circular headdress, inlaid eyes possibly with porcelain and painted facial accents in black.
h. 14,5 cm.
taxatie: € 500 - 800  

catalogusnummer: 3304
Oceania, Anoxypristis cuspidata, sawfish sword, 19th century,
with darkened patina, a bent tip, rows of teeth and a plaited plant fibre grip. Ex collection N.Tas, Rotterdam and private collection The Hague, Holland. With typed document with written attribution of Gilbert Islands.
h. 65 cm.
taxatie: € 1200 - 1600  

catalogusnummer: 3305
PNG, Middle Sepik, Abelam, woven helmet mask, baba tagwa;
finely woven plant fibre mask with natural colours in black, white and ochre. These masks were danced with during the male initiations rites.
h. 30 cm.
taxatie: € 300 - 400  

catalogusnummer: 3306
Sumatra, Batak, piso datu,
with straight blade and carved horn hilt in form of seated figure, the scabbard with carved horn Singha figure and several anthropomorphic figures. At the base of the hilt a carved ancestral figure. Ex collection DaSilva, The Hague and ex lot 105, Christie’s Amsterdam 2001.
h. 45,5 cm.
taxatie: € 1000 - 1500  

catalogusnummer: 3307
Sumatra, Batak, piso,
with slightly bent blade and wooden grip of two carved figures, the scabbard with eight carved anthropomorphic figures and stylized Singha. Part ex lot 105, Christie's Amsterdam 2001.
h. 57 cm.
taxatie: € 800 - 1200  

catalogusnummer: 3308
Papua, Asmat, woven mat
with asymmetrical pattern in red, black and white.
120 x 98 cm.
taxatie: € 100 - 150  

catalogusnummer: 3309
PNG, Middle Sepik, woven zoomorphic rattan mask
with a open worked ridge decorated with feathers. With large plant fibre raffia and remnants of pigments.
L. 76 cm.
taxatie: € 200 - 400  

catalogusnummer: 3310
PNG, Middle Sepik, large oval woven rattan gable mask
with painted patterns, raised forehead, wooden teeth and C-shaped ears.
h. 75 cm.
taxatie: € 300 - 400  

catalogusnummer: 3311
PNG, Middle Sepik, woven gable mask
with painted patterns and rattan eyes and a bone tooth.
h. 67 cm.
taxatie: € 200 - 400  

catalogusnummer: 3312
PNG, Sepik, woven mask, tumbuan,
with long beak and painted patterns.
h. 87 cm.
taxatie: € 200 - 400  

catalogusnummer: 3313
PNG, Massim, carved wooden axe
with stone blade. With stylized carved zoomorphic-, anthropomorphic- and geometrical shapes. Ex Jan Visser, Amsterdam.
h. 69 cm.
taxatie: € 400 - 600  

catalogusnummer: 3314
Sumatra, Simalungun, face mask, early 20th century or earlier,
with cure linear painted patterns in black and remnants of palm fibre, ijuk, moustache. With oval open cut eyes and mouth with indentations as simulated teeth. With a large triangular nose. Ex collection J.N. Ydema, Etten and private collection The Hague. With round label and sticker with hand written Ydema. Published in exhibition catalogue Museum voor Land en Volkenkunde, Rotterdam, 27 juli-3 October 1965, nr. 42, with provenance mentioned of Ydema.
h. 29,5 cm.
taxatie: € 1000 - 1500  

catalogusnummer: 3315
Central Borneo, Dayak, headdress,
complete woven rattan headdress with attached brass hunters ornament with stylized aso-motives and decorations of indented points and a mouth at the bottom. With restorations on one side. Ref. Jerome Feldman, Arc of the Ancestors, Indonesian art from the Jerome L. Joss Collection UCLA, pag. 68, nr. 41 and Voyage dans ma tete. La Collection de coiffes ethniques d'Antoine de Galbert, page 169.
22 x 17 and h. 12 cm.
taxatie: € 400 - 800  

catalogusnummer: 3316
PNG, Madang, Ramu, wooden war shield,
with a large triangular relief with stylized face of Ndaro and carved rhombic shapes and circles. With two holes for plant fibre cord. With grey patina.
117 x 50 cm.
taxatie: € 600 - 800  

catalogusnummer: 3317
Central Borneo, Kenyah, shamans pigs mask,
with attached wooden ears and intricate painted patterns in red and black on white ground.
h. 76 cm.
taxatie: € 200 - 400  

catalogusnummer: 3318
Central Borneo, four Dayak amulet figures,
three carved with hands on chest and stomach. Ref. A. Schoffel, Arts Primitifs de l'Asie du Sud-Est, page 157-158.
h. 7,5 - 11 cm.
taxatie: € 300 - 400  

catalogusnummer: 3319
Central Borneo, Dayak, seated wooden amulet figure,
with left arm to chin. With old weathered patina and scrapings for medicinal usage. With one other seated amulet figure.
h. 10,5 and 9 cm.
taxatie: € 200 - 300  

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