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Tribale kunst (Indonesië en Oceanië)
Tribal Art (Indonesia and Oceanic)

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Dinsdag 6 november 10.00 uur
Archeologie en Pre-Colombiaans aardewerk
Tribale kunst (Indonesië en Oceanië) 3300-3424

catalogusnummer: 3300
PNG, Lower Sepik, Barak, 'mosquito' mask,
with slit eyes and pointed long nose and natural pigments in black, red and white in geometrical pattern. Provenance Private collection Amsterdam and Michel Thieme, Amsterdam.
h. 45 cm.
taxatie: € 2000 - 4000  

catalogusnummer: 3301
Sumatra, Batak, palm leaf book, pustaha, late 18th- early 19th century,
the wooden cover with floral pattern, the book with several page with painted figural illustrations in between the text on both sides of the leaves. Provenance Will Hoogstraate, Gallery D´Eendt, Amsterdam.
31 x 19,5 cm.
taxatie: € 1000 - 1500  

catalogusnummer: 3302
South West Moluccas, 20kt golden crescent pendant, mase,
the tips with engraved detailed buds and two eyes on top in the centre. German private collection.
L. 24 cm.
taxatie: € 2000 - 4000  

catalogusnummer: 3303
South West Moluccas, golden pendant;
crescent shaped embossed pendant, mase, with a central dancing anthropomorphic figure in between floral pattern. With local restoration
w. 11,5 cm.
taxatie: € 1000 - 1500  

catalogusnummer: 3303A
Moluccas, a copper-tortois mask shaped pendant.
with two conical protrusions, pierced for hanging. With remains of gold powder.
w. 8 cm.
taxatie: € 300 - 500  

catalogusnummer: 3304
Papua, Barat, Asmat, wooden elongated bowl,
both narrow ends with pointy ends, surmounted by standing male figure, at the back a curve linear pattern in low relief. Provenance famous Dutch painter Jan Sluijters (1881-1957) Amsterdam. Possibly bought from Kunstzaal van Lier between 1920-1935
h. 87,5 cm.
taxatie: € 500 - 800  

catalogusnummer: 3305
New Caledonia, Kanak, war club.

h. 73 cm.
taxatie: € 800 - 1200  

catalogusnummer: 3305A
PNG, Upper Korewori, Bogonemari Rivers, hook figure,
with gray weathered patina. Field collected by Philip Goldman, 1971 and published in: Philip Goldman 'Hunstein Korewori', 1971, no. 3.
h. 91 cm.
taxatie: € 5000 - 7000  

catalogusnummer: 3305B
Sumatra, Nias,
ancestor figure, ada zatua. With crown, jewerly and painted black spots on face.
h. 39,5 cm.
taxatie: € 3000 - 4000  

catalogusnummer: 3306
Indonesia, Sumatra, Toba Batak, standing ancestor figure, debata idup,
metal inset eyes and hair dress partly blackened.
h. 25 cm.
taxatie: € 800 - 1000  

catalogusnummer: 3307
Timor, Belu, head band, pilu bokaf,
woven band with five embossed silver disks
72 x 5,5 cm.
taxatie: € 200 - 400  

catalogusnummer: 3308
Central Nias, standing male ancestral figure, adu zatua,
holding a cup in both hands, details in black pigments.
h. 34 cm.
taxatie: € 1500 - 2500  

catalogusnummer: 3309
Solomon Islands, Buka-Bougainville ceremonial paddle, 19th century
with Kokorra motives on both sides. Provenance, Danish collection before 1900 and Loed and Mia van Bussel 1970. Kokorra, ancestor motives depicted in a squatting position with raised hands, were believed to have supernatural powers. As such, they guaranteed the safety and success of their user, and were more than just decorative elements.
h. 165 cm.
taxatie: € 1000 - 1500  

catalogusnummer: 3310
Sumatra, Toba Batak, buffalo horn gun powder container, salempang, 19th century,
lid schaped as a Singha head, intricate curve linear design and a anthropomorphic carved face at the tip of the container. Ex collection Herbert Juan DaSilva, The Hague.
L. 18 cm.
taxatie: € 1500 - 2200  

catalogusnummer: 3311
PNG, Eastern Highlands, Mendi, war shield,
hardwood shield with geometrical pattern in red and white, the central hexagon pattern with plant fiber rectangular. At the back a grip and amulet of cassowary feathers. The upper part embellished with a plaited rattan trip. Ex Gallery Visser, Brussel.
h. 153,5 cm.
taxatie: € 1000 - 1500  

catalogusnummer: 3311A
PNG, Papua Golf, spirit figure, bioma,
with in low relief spiral eyes and geometrical patterns. Weathered figure with remains of natural pigments of red, white, brown and black. Provenance Philip Goldman, London. (on arm broken)
h. 137 cm.
taxatie: € 2000 - 4000  

catalogusnummer: 3312
PNG, Middle Sepik, Iatmul, roof finial of ceremonial house,
consisting of a standing male mythological figure crowned by a perched eagle with outstretched wings. Both wings with traces of white and black pigments and a raised cosmological pattern. The torso with raised pattern on both breasts and a notched design on the belly. With traces of pigments and weathered patina. Private collection Australia.
h. 136 cm.
taxatie: € 6000 - 8000  

catalogusnummer: 3313
Borneo, Dayak, plank shaped cosmological figure,
with a central standing spirit figure on top of a martevan and topped by a floral pattern. Provenance Gallery Aalderink, Amsterdam
h. 154 cm.
taxatie: € 1500 - 2000  

catalogusnummer: 3314
Borneo, East Kalimantan, Busang, face mask, hudoq;
being the representation of the Hornbill, the nose and the Dragon, the projecting mouth.
h. 42 cm.
taxatie: € 1000 - 1500  

catalogusnummer: 3315
PNG, Eastern Highlands, Mendi, war shield,
decorated with a four half circular yellow and red patterns, the centre a triangular shape made of plant fiber connecting to a strap on the backside. The foot of the shield with a plant fiber strip. Ex Gallery Lemaire, Amsterdam.
h. 143,5 cm.
taxatie: € 500 - 800  

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