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Tribale kunst (Indonesië en Oceanië)
Tribal Art (Indonesia and Oceanic)

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Dinsdag 7 november 15.00 uur
Tribale kunst (Indonesië en Oceanië) 3200-3369
Archeologie en Pre-Colombiaans aardewerk

catalogusnummer: 3200
West Papua, Asmat, prow ornament,
consisting of an anthropomorphic standing figure with flexed legs and arms, holding a configuration of hornbill bird heads. With carved details. With red pigments and patches of white chalk. Some small restorations. Provenance, Mathias Lemaire, bought in the 1960's and ex collection of Jan Wolkers (1925-2007), famous Dutch writer and artist. With copy of Nota from M.L.J. Lemaire, 1974.
h. 105 and wide 21 cm.
taxatie: € 1000 - 1500  

catalogusnummer: 3201
West Papua, Central Asmat, open worked board,
being the penis, tjemen part of a bisj pole. Consisting of hooks, bird heads and two squatting anthropomorphic figures. Details carved in relief and painted in red pigment on a white chalk ground. Some wear at the top. Provenance, Mathias Lemaire, 1974 and ex collection of Jan Wolkers (1925-2007), famous Dutch writer, artist and tribal art collector.
h. 122 and wide 46 cm.
taxatie: € 1000 - 1500  

catalogusnummer: 3202
West Papua, North West Asmat, prow head,
with an open worked design consisting of three anthropomorphic figures, bird heads and S-shaped motives. Details in red and white pigments. Some parts missing. Provenance, Mathias Lemaire, 1974 and ex collection of Jan Wolkers (1925-2007), famous Dutch writer and artist and tribal art collector. This prow ornament can be seen in the picture online, hanging protruding from the wall left of the writer in his studio in the Zomerdijkstraat 22, Amsterdam. Pictures taken in the '70's. With copy of Nota from M.L.J. Lemaire, 1974.
h. 82 and wide 42 cm.
taxatie: € 800 - 1200  

catalogusnummer: 3203
West Papua, Central Asmat, small shield,
With a-symmetrical carved pattern with raised borders on a white ground. Bordered on both sides by carved semi circles, alternatively painted red and black, surmounted by a anthropomorphic figure with raised arms and legs with on both sides a bird head strut. At the back traces of continuous diamond pattern, the central ridge with vegetal tassels. Provenance Matthias Lemaire and ex collection Jan Wolkers (1925-2007), famous Dutch writer, artist and tribal art collector.
137 x 31 cm.
taxatie: € 500 - 800  

catalogusnummer: 3204
West Papua, Central Asmat, shield.
with carved patterns of bipane and stylized birds. The backside painted with rhombic figures. Painted in red, white and black and with raffia tassles. Provenance Matthias Lemaire and ex collection Jan Wolkers (1925-2007), famous Dutch writer, artist and tribal art collector.
h. 180 cm.
taxatie: € 1000 - 1500  

catalogusnummer: 3205
Central Timor, Belu, ancestral pole, aitos,
the rectangular elongated body on a round shaft, the globular head with notched features, arms in flat relief. The central node with carved pattern. Published in 'Grossbild', Jacobs e.a 1993. p. 118 'Overeenkomsten en verschillen in hedendaagse westerse en niet-westerse kunst'.
h. 110 cm.
taxatie: € 1000 - 1200  

catalogusnummer: 3205P
Papua, Central Asmat, wooden pole figure;
ancestral figure with bent arms, hands joined before torso, elongated neck, cylindrical shaped torso and large oval shapes head. With open carved mouth with rows of teeth, accentuated in orange, nose with open septum, carved tatoo's. The eyes carved close to the nose. With black, white and orange pigments. With raffia strings and a shell.
h. 86 cm.
taxatie: € 800 - 1000  

catalogusnummer: 3206
West Papua, Central Asmat, oval wooden dish
both ends terminating in a anthromopomorhic male and female figure, at the back a configuration of razed motives consisting a.o. birdheads. With an old label. Provenance Doctor van Amelsvoort
h. 70 cm.
taxatie: € 500 - 800  

catalogusnummer: 3207
West Papua, Northwest Asmat, prow ornament,
featuring an anthropomorphic male figure in a stooped position with elongated bent arms and hands supporting the chin, arms and neck with braided rattan bands. Collected in 1924/25 by Dr. H.A.J. Laret (1876-1948). Michel Thiema Tribal Art, Amsterdam. The position of the arms raises associations with the praying mantis, an important head-hunting symbol
h. 35 cm.
taxatie: € 2000 - 3000  

catalogusnummer: 3208
West Papua, Teluk Cenderawasih, fishing amulet
of a squating antropomorfic figure on a high pole, glass blue beads attached to a string. Mounted.
h. 16,5 cm.
taxatie: € 1000 - 1200  

catalogusnummer: 3209
West Papua, Teluk Cenderawasih, two amulets,
consisting of a Korwar figure, all over carved with low relief patterns. The other amulet with black patina, also with Korwar squatting figure and curve lineair motives, damaged.
h. 22,5 and L. 20 cm.
taxatie: € 500 - 700  

catalogusnummer: 3210
Papua, Teluk Cenderawasih, clam shell bracelet,
with knotched rectangular central pattern between paralel lines. The opening with resin and blue glass beads inserted.
L. 10 cm.
taxatie: € 200 - 300  

catalogusnummer: 3211
West Papua, Asmat, two anthropomorphic figures,
male and female with flexed legs and arms, both with flattened broad torso's and prominent sexes; the male holding the head of a hornbill, the beak touching the throat; the sculptures have a greyish black patina and details painted with red pigment; the collector acquired the pieces in 1961 in the village of Aorket along the river Ewt, together with the government official Wim van der Waals.
h. 33 cm.
taxatie: € 4000 - 6000  

catalogusnummer: 3212
PNG, Teluk Cendrawasih, Korwar, wooden pestle,
tapering long base, the top with carved seated Korwar figure with open worked sides, the face with wide nose and a stylized flower bud on top. With dark black patina and holes of insects. Collected in situ in 1958.
h. 98 cm.
taxatie: € 600 - 1000  

catalogusnummer: 3213
Fiji, wooden dance club, gugu or kiakavo, early 19th century.
Curved thick cylindrical base with rounded disc at the base, wide tapering end with split head. The flat wide edge with carved small rectangular and with three broad bands, one with triangular shapes, the other two with two cut hourglass shaped open forms. Spurred clubs like this one have often been referred to as ‘gunstock clubs’ because of their resemblance to muskets. However, they were in use in Fiji prior to the introduction of firearms. The form of the two double open carved hourglass shapes were used to hang trade beads from, strung on plant fibers. With two old collection labels, one with text in English. One small chip on ridge on top.
h. 108 cm.
taxatie: € 2000 - 3000  

catalogusnummer: 3214
South West Moluccas, thin ceremonial 12th-14th carat golden dish, 19th century or earlier,
in the centre four birds encircled by three bands with archaic motives. A fluted inner wall and a continuous border pattern of double spirals. The usage of birds in the centre and the fluted walls are a local adaptation of Chinese Sung porcelain. Ref. Collection Barbier-Mueller, L'or des Iles, Geneve, 1986, page 214.
diam. 32,8 cm.
taxatie: € 2000 - 4000  

catalogusnummer: 3215
Sulawesi, Toraja, ceremonial dance apron, sesak,
used on occasion of the magellu dance. The girdle in card weaving and a string beaded pattern of hooks and string beaded fringes. Ref. Solyom, 1984, 'Fabric Traditions of Indonesia', page 16.
62 x 52 cm.
taxatie: € 400 - 600  

catalogusnummer: 3216
PNG, Papua Golf, coconut charm, marupai,
with delicately notched patterns bordering an anthropomorphic face, the mouth with a jutting tong. With inventory number on tape 0710-56.
L. 11,5 cm.
taxatie: € 400 - 500  

catalogusnummer: 3217
West Papua, Teluk Cendrewasih, circular wooden float,
along the border a continuous pattern of zigzag motives and curve linear motives. Provenance Antony Meyer, Paris.
diam. 22,5 cm.
taxatie: € 800 - 1200  

catalogusnummer: 3218
Sumatra, Lampung, Abung, tapis,
with aligned patterns in blue, brown and embroidery in gold metal thread of equestrians and mythical animals and in the centre a festiv phrase.
124 x 123 cm.
taxatie: € 500 - 750  

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